HR expert says outplacement may benefit employeesOutplacement could provide a valuable service to staff in the UK, according to a HR expert.

Sian Harrington, editor of HR magazine, said that offering this service could be a good thing for employer branding and reckoned that workers leaving such a company may think more highly of that organisation.

Furthermore, she indicated that those departing employees could recommend the business to other jobseekers in the future.

The expert commented that it may help the relationship between workers and company leaders, as it could be seen as a benefit and, although it might seem weird to see it in that context, outplacement shows "they are willing to invest in you".

Meanwhile, research by the recruitment specialist Hays revealed that UK staff and bosses alike are calling for outplacement and other transitional services such as career advice, or CV and interview training, to be made compulsory for all redundancies.

By Colette Paxton