Bosses should do more to boost morale, according to an expertEmployers have been warned by an expert that failure to maintain good relations with their workforce is highly likely to have a negative impact on company output.

According to Catherine Ellwood, a consultant at workplace psychology organisation OPP, some companies are not taking workplace morale sufficiently seriously and run the risk of losing ground to more productive rivals.

“If morale is low in a business, employees are more likely to arrive in the morning simply to do the day job,” she explained. “Employees with low morale are also more likely to jump ship when the opportunity presents itself.”

Ms Ellwood added that fostering a good team spirit at a business could encourage workers to repay their bosses by going “above and beyond” their standard day-to-day duties, providing value for money and reducing staff turnover.

Her comments came after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development released its Employee Outlook survey for July, which found that job satisfaction remained low, at just 35 per cent.

Posted by Hayley Edwards