Employers are missing out on a host of innovative ideas by not listening to their staff. In depth research of over 1,000 employees by software firm Wazoku found that each member of staff in a company that boasts over 500 staff, suggests six ideas to improve business performance and probability in a year.

However, management do not often have the process in place to collate and respond to these ideas. 52 percent of those surveyed said that despite of the avalanche of good ideas to be found in the office there was no procedure in place to air them to management and co-workers. 59% went as far as to says that ideas are often simply ignored.

The ideas that are picked up by leadership are implemented in only 39 percent of cases and only 43 percent of innovations are even acknowledged by employers.

The results were laid bare in The EveryDay Innovation Report, which was in cooperation with Cisco, Waitrose, Great Places to Work and The Future Shapers.

Stuart Eames, operational improvement manager at Waitrose, said: “I would urge all businesses to take innovation into the centre of everything they do, so it’s accessible for all, in order to capitalise on the wealth of ideas at their fingertips.