Employers should be fair to workersWhen altering working conditions, employers need to be fair to their workforce, one sector commentator has claimed – which could help to guarantee the well-being of employees.

In particular, Lewis Campbell, spokesperson for Keep Britain Working, said pay freezes are always difficult for people to manage, particularly at a time when inflation is high.

However, he added many Britons had told the group that they would be happy to accept such financial changes if it meant avoiding the possibility of redundancies for either themselves or their colleagues.

Mr Campbell notes that further research by the group had revealed more than half of the UK workforce has already experienced changes in their working conditions – such as reduced hours, pay or benefits.

“When things are difficult, managers need to talk much more to their staff, not less, so that everyone shares information about the challenges ahead. Maintaining motivation is crucial when times are tough,” he urged.

His comments come after the British Chambers of Commerce revealed 63 per cent of businesses are planning wage freezes or pay cuts next year, while 18 per cent are considering the removal of benefits.