Providing support to stressed staff in the workplace is “really important”, it has been claimed.

Right Corecare argues that failing to offer help to those suffering from psychosocial issues can result in employees “losing all sense of perspective”.

Concerns about employee rewards and job security can cause staff to “burn out”, the employee assistance firm claims.

Kevin Friery, clinical director at Right Corecare, explained: “If people have access to support they are far more likely to come out with a helpful solution to what they are facing than if they are sitting stewing at home.”

Stressed employees can make irrational choices if they believe there is no other way out, he added.

The British Standards Institution has published a good practice guidance standard to help employers to assess psychosocial risk in the workplace.

According to the institution, psychosocial risks are a major cause of workplace stress, which affects more than 40 million workers in the European Union each year.