Performance-related pay could provide a boost for workers, according to the CIPDBritish workers are increasingly looking for performance-related pay and bonuses, according to a representative from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Performance and reward adviser Charles Cotton claimed a growing number of employees want to be rewarded when their company makes profit as a whole or individual teams perform particularly well.

"Obviously, there is a desire for employees to share in the success of their organisation," he said. "If the company doesn't make as much money or profits go down, then some of those benefits will be reduced as well."

Mr Cotton added that in a recent CIPD survey, some members of staff questioned expressed an interest in obtaining shares in the business they work for, with the possibility of discounted purchase schemes also being raised.

Last week, Kelly Services' Global Workforce Index revealed that more than half of workers felt they would be more industrious if they owned a stake in their employer, while 30 per cent were already tied to performance-related wages.

Posted by Colette Paxton