One third of Britons are more than willing to take a pay cut in order to re-locate to the countryside for a quieter, relaxed lifestyle according to new reports.

In a survey commissioned by Buxton Natural Mineral Water, of over 2,000 adults, 72% said the main reason for leaving city life behind was too many crowds, whilst two thirds (67%) cited noise and pollution.

People in Glasgow are the keenest to escape to the countryside, with a third aspiring to some green space followed by 31% in Newcastle. People in London are a not-too-distant third, with 30% dreaming of quitting the rat race.

A fifth of those who wanted to move to the country would also consider a completely different career path, some opted to rearing animals, whilst 3% were keen make their own jam.

Psychologist Corrine Sweet said: “The rural idyll is a highly attractive escape for many over-stressed urbanites. All too often we fill up our 24/7 lives with over busy schedules, social commitments and chores.

This research shows quality of life and open space, fresh air and pure water, are often a real relief from the pounding pulse of city coffee shops and nightclubs as well as our daily pressure-cooker lives.”