Interns 'should receive training pay and benefits'A minimum training wage should be paid by UK employers who hire interns, according to one UK body.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has also called for the introduction of a new code of practice and working rights for individuals in such positions, with more than a third of staff in these roles not receiving any pay or benefits, according to a CIPD report published last week.

For Johnny Rich, publisher of, interns are in some cases already performing the tasks of paid employees and receiving little in return.

"It’s OK if you are getting skills or money, or a combination of the two, but if you are not then you are being exploited," he added.

In March, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) expressed its concern that as many as one in three interns were not receiving any pay, despite qualifying for minimum wage.

However, the TUC did stress that good placements are attractive to young candidates looking to get into a competitive jobs market.

By Ross George