pay1Talking about how much you are paid may be seen as a taboo, but a survey from job board Monster shows that half of UK workers are comfortable discussing what they earn with other employees.

A survey of over 3,000 respondents across four countries found 49% of Brits were comfortable to some degree with talking about pay with colleagues, while 51% were not.

Figures for the US and Canada (37% and 39% respectively) showed more timidity, while nearly two-thirds (64%) of German workers were open on the topic of pay.

Comments Mary Ellen Slayter of, styled by the company as a ‘career advice expert’: “Pay transparency is a hot topic, especially among startups. But it’s clear that many workers are just as uncomfortable with the notion as their bosses are.

“For most people, the best strategy is to focus on yourself and your own career path and growth, instead of trying to compete with everybody else. Of course, the best time to discuss salary is when you’re negotiating a raise.”