Britons 'are not taking holiday allowance'As the end of the year approaches, it has been reported that many UK workers have not take advantage of the benefits of annual holiday allowance in 2009, with many still in credit with their entitlement.

While some businesses may be set to roll over into a new year of holiday entitlement, the Scotsman has reported that up to 18 per cent of employees have yet to make use of all their annual holiday leave.

A survey by revealed Britons have some 5.2 million days left to take off before the end of the year.

Of the people who have yet to use up their entitlement, the poll revealed that 15 per cent have five days still outstanding.

HR teams may wish to make it a priority that they encourage workers to take advantage of their holiday entitlement, to avoid too many people either losing out or going into the new year with outstanding days added to their new allowance.

Meanwhile, Kellogg’s is reported to have got into the Christmas spirit, by giving staff members an annual bonus totalling some £1 million.

Karen Meehan, Kellogg’s vice-president of HR, said: “When so many companies are making cutbacks it’s great that we are able to pay out this bonus to our employees again this year and help them out with the cost of Christmas.”