Would these ’34 crucial job interview tips’ really work?

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job interview tips

This infographic, published by College Atlas says that 67% of candidates fail to make eye contact and that an astonishing 47% know nothing about the company that are applying for.

They go on to say that over-explaining why you lost your last job is a big mistake and that not asking for the job at the end of the interview is also a mistake.

And their most important tip is that each candidate must learn about the organisation they are looking to join.

What do you think? Do you agree with these tips? Do they ring true?


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  1. Sadly I can’t read this – tried to enlarge with no luck – would love to be able to see what they had to say …

  2. Click on the image and then click on it again (a magnifying glass should appear in place of your mouse arrow). Hopefully that should work. Or else it is on our Linkedin company page at http://linkd.in/1m4GQl7

  3. The tips are really useful, thanks!

  4. Great infographic covering lots of interview tips along with unbelievable stats. With interviews conducted in different environments these days eg telephone, face to face, skype etc, this infographic – http://www.ashdowngroup.com/news/top-10-face-to-face-interview-tips-news-51681715435 focusing on specific face to face is also worth a look

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