Workers must be adaptable, expert warnsAn expert has suggested that the changing face of Britain's employment market will leave workers with no choice but to adapt their skills and switch between different sectors as necessary.

Employers Forum on Age campaign director Rachel Krys explained that with the default retirement age currently poised to be scrapped by the government, many older workers are being forced to reconsider plans to take their leave.

"The reality is we're all going to have to work for longer," she said. "Employers are going to be faced with many more people in their fifties who are not looking to wind down."

Ms Krys added that the average member of staff could have to embark on as many as two or three separate careers just to stay gainfully employed throughout their working life and called on businesses to change their mindset as well.

Her comments came after a survey from insurer LV= revealed that twice as many women as men expect to work beyond the state retirement age.

Posted by Cameron Thomson