Expert say employees should not bottle up stressThe head of independent authority on work has told the UK’s employees to avoid bottling up stress.

Research from Denmark, published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, revealed than women in arduous jobs can be at risk of heart disease.

However, according to Stephen Bevan, managing director of the Work Foundation, people in professions enjoy and where they can can control the order and pace of their work can have a lower likelihood of illness.

Mr Bevan stated the importance of bosses spotting problems as early as possible to make it easier to deal with and told employees to engage with colleagues and superiors about the issues.

“If they feel stressed it is important that they do not bottle it up and find somebody … who they can talk to about how they feel and what is at the root of their problem,” he added.

Last year, Aviva indicated that Britain was facing a stress epidemic in the workplace.

By Hayley Edwards