AGCAS: Graduate recruitment be about more than just gradesEmployers are asking for more from university leavers looking for work than examples of what grades they achieved, according to one expert.

Martin Pennington, director of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, suggested that scrapping the degree classification system may make it easier for bosses to assess candidates in terms of their individual’s abilities and achievements when it comes to recruitment.

He said that employers have been asking for a change that allows them and managers to better compare applicants; especially given so many individuals are leaving universities across the UK with a 2:1, which poses a problem as far as hiring a suitable person.

The Higher Education Policy Institute last week proposed replacing the current method with transcripts of modules studied and a general overview of students’ talents.

Mr Pennington added that what a potential worker does during their university course should go beyond what they do in an exam hall, library or lecture theatre and take account of opportunities grasped by a jobseeker in their spare time or extra skills developed.