As recent news headlines suggest, even CEOs aren’t immune to telling lies on their CV. Not only can this cost employees their jobs but it can also be embarrassing and damaging to employers warns Hays, the leading recruiting expert. Jobseekers who lie on their CV stand a greater chance than ever of being caught out thanks to an increase in organisations using stricter checks and measures, including using social media sites such as LinkedIn.

“The competition for jobs is tough and companies are facing a race to secure top talent. Therefore, employers are using all the tools available to them, including social media, to ensure they are hiring who they think they are”, says Barney Ely Director at Hays Human Resources. “This in turn puts pressure on candidates to stand out from the crowd and can tempt them into embellishing their CV. However, stretching the truth on your CV is not advisable, as HR departments and reputable recruitment agencies always carry out thorough employment and qualification background checks. When looking for a new job, jobseekers should carefully consider the roles they apply for and ensure the roles are a good fit for their skills. If jobseekers approach their job search correctly and invest the time to sell the skills and qualifications they do have, they should have no reason to stretch the truth on their CV.”