Not every employee is looking to leave their company when feeling the need for a new challenge and for those who would like to look at internal opportunities who is there to support these individuals through the selection process?

It is rare for any recruiter to assist an individual who is looking to move internally, it is their job to entice them out of their current organisation and place them into a role where they can charge a placement fee. Therefore existing employees are not going to approach an agency to tempt them to leave but having support through the process would be a huge benefit to their career

So it would seem that there is little or perhaps no support to individuals that would like to move internally to achieve the promotion or change of role they are looking for.

Within this current market more employers are identifying applicants internally as opposed to reaching out to the external market, firstly it’s cheaper and secondly they have the talent sitting within the company, individuals who understand the systems, the environment and what is expected from them.

There is no doubt that competition in the City is fierce and this is no different for those that are looking to move internally. It always amazes me how many internal candidates do not prepare for an interview and therefore do not treat it in the same way as attending an external interview.

Before looking to move internally it’s important that you assess whether the move is realistic – for example if you have only been in your current role for 6 months then it’s unlikely that your manager will approve the move. It’s also important that you inform your manager of your intentions, they could actually help you and have some influence with the person who’s interviewing

Internal applicants can sometimes forget that they need prepare in the same way as they would for an external interview. It’s important that you update your CV with the most current information and don’t assume that because you work for the firm that the interviewer will know all about you. One of the most common mistakes made by an internal candidate is to hold back on information about their skills and experience.

Whilst it can feel awkward to sell yourself to someone that you already know or have worked alongside it’s important that you promote yourself in the same way that other applicants will be doing. Provide the same amount of detail as you would for any external role.

Also, don’t assume that the interviewer understands your role fully on the basis that they work for the company, ensure that you provide all the detail and leave nothing out, by providing limited information you may cost yourself the opportunity

Another point to remember is dress to impress regardless of dress policies within the organisation. Make an effort and show that you’re interested.