Students that have been disappointed by not achieving a place at university have been directed towards apprenticeships. However the TUC (Trades Union Congress) has predicted that students will feel let down by the availability of on-the-job training that employees are providing.

TUC apprenticeships policy and campaign officer Scarlet Harris believes that there are businesses out there and expresses support for schemes which have a solid qualifications framework and lead on to degree-level courses and good training in the workplace.

Scarlet Harris said ” The Government has said that it is putting an extra £150 million into apprentices, but the apprenticeships system will only be a success if employers are willing to take them on.”

“Apprenticeships are not a second-best route for those who have failed to achieve in the academic world – or have failed to get a university place. What we are pushing for – and I think the Government is as well – is that they are seen as a valued route in themselves.”

The TUC advises students to apply for credible schemes that offer, a fair wage, sufficient time for training, and real opportunities for employment and career progression.