There is little wonder that businesses or parts of businesses are using and benefiting from social media. Facebook alone has about 800 million registered users worldwide and other popular social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc also have their share of users. Though there may be some businesses in the UK that can afford to ignore these figures, they are crucial for recruitment agencies.

Finding the right candidate to fill a job is not as easy as it may look but social media has proved an invaluable resource to scout talent. Recruitment agencies are taking a keen interest in social media. When interviewed by a leading newspaper in UK (The Guardian) most agencies felt social media helped them reach across thousands of potential employees worldwide. Social media also provides agencies with an interactive platform. Agencies can effectively interact with one another and potential candidates.

Recruitment agencies depend on both employers and employees for their business. Social media allows agencies to form a strong relationship with both these groups of individuals. When seeking business relations, recruitment agencies may use social media sites such as Google Plus and LinkedIn. There is enough scope in these sites to hold conversations and build good rapport with the employers.

But attracting candidates is a different ball game altogether. It requires a different social media strategy. As any expert social media marketing consultant would suggest there is need to use different social media sites. Use of friendly social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are good for creating a favourable impression among potential candidates. These are sites visited heavily by many different skill sets. They will serve as a treasure trove for selecting candidates for clients.

Brand image plays an important role. Whether an agency is looking for good business contacts or a list of jobseekers it is the brand image that separates a reputed recruitment agency from the rest. Good brand image cannot be built overnight. It requires a sound strategy crafted by an expert international social media marketing consultant. It will cover types of engagement and frequency of interaction on social media. Proper blending of both these aspects is crucial for brand image on social media.

In its early years social media was denounced as a waste of time. Some organisations even blocked these sites from their IT systems. However, large benefits of social media have persuaded many businesses such as recruitment agencies to use it. Agencies can find talent and fulfil their clients’ employment needs with proper use of social media.

When social media sites are used with expert guidance from a social media marketing consultant it can create the right impression and increase contacts.