Over 40 recruiters attended the annual CWJobs.co.uk Breakfast Briefing in central London last week to hear how the rise of cloud computing is expected to impact IT jobs.

Stuart Lauchlan from www.businesscloud9.com, and Martin Stevens from Salesforce.com helped recruiters get to grips with what the emergence of cloud computing will mean for the those in IT recruitment.

Despite fears from the technology sector that cloud computing could spell trouble for IT jobs, a recent study by CWJobs found that 40% of IT professionals believe the rise of cloud computing will result in more jobs, while only 28% believe it will mean less.

However there is a lack of clarity in the jobseeker market over which skills employers will require, demonstrating a need for recruiters and employers to carefully specify what they are looking for if planning a move to ‘the cloud’.

Richard Nott, Website Director of CWJobs commented: “The breakfast briefings aim to help those in the industry stay abreast of emerging skills and technologies as they appear. As cloud computing is a trend that’s front of mind for jobseekers and recruiters, it is encouraging to see that IT professionals recognise the career opportunities emerging from it.

“Yet the confusion surrounding which skills will be necessary for these jobs is challenging. The speakers did a fantastic job of bringing clarity to this and the feedback we received suggested it was a valuable experience for all recruiters in attendance.”