Some employees have stolen dataThe recession has been cited as being responsible for helping employees to create camaraderie, however, this is occurring at the expense of employers, a new study has revealed.

The report by privileged account management specialists Cyber-Ark collected data on workers in London’s Canary Wharf – along with those working on Wall Street in New York – and revealed that one third of employees are willing to steal data in order to help a friend or family member find work.

Furthermore, 41 per cent of workers admitted to already taking such sensitive information with them to their new position.

And despite the fact that 85 per cent people are aware it is illegal to download corporate information from their employer, almost half claimed they had done it as it could prove useful.

Meanwhile, 57 per cent of respondents stated it was easy to steal this information, up from the 29 per cent who claimed this last year.

Paul Mutton, internet services developer at Netcraft, recently stated that employees are a business data security risk, whether accidentally or intentionally.