The REC’s National Convention has provided a clear indication of the impact that technology and social networks are having on recruitment. However, the feedback from specialised recruiters within the REC’s marketing, media and creative industries sector group (MMC) has emphasised that technology advancements will not undermine the value of ‘face to face’ relationships and that they should be complementing rather than replacing core recruitment practices.

The ever-growing role of modern technology was highlighted by all main speakers at the REC’s Annual Convention on the Future of Recruitment. Renowned futurologist and Chair of the REC’s National Convention, Dr James Bellini stressed the increasing role that social media and large search engines are already playing in recruitment. Social media strategist, Paul Harrison, underlined that contemporary thinking and adoption of technology will lead to a new breed of recruiters and recruitment agencies.

Commenting on the issue, Steve Hyde, Chair of REC MMC said:

“Using technology in the recruitment process is a reality and a change that we should pro-actively embrace. The world around us is evolving, as an industry we need to adapt.

“At the same time, we need to keep in mind the real added value of our services to clients and candidates. Trust between parties comes from evolved relationships and insightful understanding. Consulting with clients on the appropriate specifics of a brief and working with candidates on their career decisions will always be best achieved through face to face relationships.

“Being trusted advisors is at the core of our offering. The differentiating factor for our profession comes from applied experience and perspective combined with the ability to evaluate candidates and appropriate judgement on fit. Core practices can be enhanced and made more efficient, but not substituted by technological developments. The challenge for our industry is to maximise the potential of new technology to ensure long term growth.”