The REC is calling on its corporate members to enhance their brand, support their staff and manage their clients’ risks through adopting its new IRP Advocacy Programme.

The Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP), established by the REC last year, is a vital ingredient in recruitment, retention and people development plans for recruitment businesses.

Anita Holbrow, the REC’s Director of Marketing and Member Representation, said: “In an increasingly competitive market, it is vital that every recruitment business has a set of tools at its disposal that will set it apart both as an employer of choice and as a must-have business partner for clients.

“The IRP Advocacy Programme, which is free to all Corporate Members, is specifically designed to do just this.”

Membership to the IRP ensures that recruitment employees know such issues as where to find the latest knowledge and stay up-to-date with all recruitment issues,
how to deploy the best practice in recruitment and why and how to submit a top class entry to the IRP awards.

The programme is endorsed by the findings of the REC’s Future of Employment Working Group (FEWG) in its White Paper, Gateway to Success, citing that “recruitment suppliers not only need to demonstrate standards through aligning their corporate business with the REC, but that their people need to signal their own brand of ethics, personal professionalism as members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals.”

Kevin Green, the REC’s Chief Executive added: “We are determined to ensure that all of our corporate businesses have the best possible support available to them, not just in terms of their corporate business needs but also in terms of their people and talent strategies.

“The IRP is a cornerstone for all serious professionals- using the new IRP Advocacy programme ensures that every recruiter has access to it, and that every Corporate Member stands the best chance of risk proofing their people management strategies.”