With the General Election now confirmed for May 6, the REC has called on recruiters to make a difference by taking forward key messages from the industry’s Manifesto to Parliamentary candidates across the UK.

The REC’s joint campaign with other leading business bodies on avoiding increases to National Insurance Contributions (NICs) has already received wide-spread media and is one of the specific recommendations in the Manifesto.

The document also echoes the core messages of the REC’s ongoing Public Sector Resourcing campaign.

Commenting on the aims of the Manifesto and the role that recruiters can play over the coming five weeks, REC Chief Executive Kevin Green says:

“The Manifesto articulates the action we seek from the next Government and champions the role of the industry in creating prosperity and delivering job opportunities. Regular jobs market data and high profile initiatives such as the Youth Employment Taskforce and the Agency Work Commission have helped to position the industry as a major voice on employment and labour market issues. There is a real opportunity to build on this over the coming weeks.

“One of the objectives in developing the Manifesto is to enable recruiters to play an active role by helping to drive the industry’s own ‘campaign trail’. The run-up to the General Election is an important time for the industry to come together and ensure that our voice is at the forefront of some of the major labour market and economic debates.”

The REC Manifesto has three main themes: Creating the right economic climate, removing barriers to growth and delivering opportunities and jobs. The Manifesto also underlines specific actions for the recruitment industry and the business community as a whole.

As well as taking forward the big issues for the industry as a whole, the REC’s work both before and immediately after the election will include specific campaigns driven by REC Sector Groups. This will provide a further opportunity for recruiters to play an active role.

To obtain a copy of the REC Manifesto, visit the website, http://www.rec.uk.com/about-recruitment/externalrelations.