A snapshot poll by specialist temporary and interim recruiter, Venn Group (www.venngroup.com), has revealed that 90% of respondents are likely to continue to use agency workers, despite the arrival of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR). These results correlate closely with recent REC statistics, which indicate that 22% of employers plan to increase their use of agency workers over the coming quarter while 61% plan to keep levels consistent.

Venn Group’s survey also found that 76% of employers do not expect to employ more permanent staff in the next six months, and only 13% will reduce the number of temporary staff.

Robert Bowyer, Director at Venn Group says: “These results have revealed just how robust the market is and that the demand for agency workers remains strong. Employers will always need agency workers for project-based work, particularly in difficult economic circumstances when hiring permanent staff is not an option for many.”

He adds: “Many agency workers are also now seeing the potential that temporary or interim work has to accelerate their career progress and future earnings. These results will allay the fears of some candidates that the AWR will affect their prospects.”

The new regulations have left some employers unsure about the legal ramifications of taking on agency staff.