The government has been urged to boost graduate recruitmentBritain’s coalition government has been urged to do more to boost the number of graduate recruitment opportunities available to students preparing to leave higher education.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates rejected suggestions that obtaining degrees is easier than it was in previous years and claimed graduates may have entered university on the understanding they would be guaranteed work afterwards.

“Young people have worked extremely hard to gain the qualifications and skills they need to access jobs and university places, but may now find these opportunities have been cruelly snatched away,” he said.

Mr Keates directed strong criticism at the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance and warned that cutbacks in public spending could further squeeze the already competitive graduate recruitment market.

His comments came after a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development and KPMG predicted the UK private sector will struggle to make up for job losses in the country’s public sector.

Posted by Cameron Thompson