A strong UK labour market and low unemployment is tipping the balance of power back to candidates, with over a third (38 per cent) confident they will get a job within the next two months, according to comprehensive new research by totaljobs.com. This is a five per cent jump in candidate confidence levels since 2013.

A survey of more than 6,000 UK candidates also revealed that today’s jobseekers are becoming more discerning when it comes to applying for jobs. Only one-in-five (21 per cent) will apply for any job going, compared to one-in-three (35 per cent) in 2013 – a fall of 40 per cent year-on-year.

For the right role, however, British jobseekers are willing to go the distance. A staggering 47 per cent are prepared to relocate for work. At 64 per cent, the proportion of jobseekers prepared to relocate is highest between those aged 21-24 years. Furthermore, at 53 per cent males are more willing to relocate than females and at 78 per cent.

Ian Burke, director at totaljobs.com, said: “With the economy gathering pace and business confidence increasing, companies are hiring at the fastest rate on record. As a result, we’re now beginning to see the balance of power shift from employers to candidates. Today’s jobseekers are not just looking for any job, but for a job that will help them progress their career.

“On a positive note for employers, when candidates do find the right role, they will go to great lengths to secure it, with nearly half of jobseekers saying they are prepared to move across the UK to advance their career. Employers must work hard to attract candidates by investing in staff development and benefits packages to entice people from across the UK, and at totaljobs.com we strongly recommend advertising roles outside of regional markets to attract those candidates who are happy to move.”

The majority of jobseekers (52 per cent) are also unwilling to accept controversial zero-hours contracts. Only one in five (22 per cent) said that they would accept this kind of work, but only if they could not find another role.

Encouragingly, over a third of jobseekers (38 per cent) think that they will find their dream job, although 18 per cent of jobseekers do not think that a dream job exists.

Almost a third of candidates look for a job that will boost their careers and an overwhelming 87 per cent say they focus their job search on industries with long term career options.