25 percent of job seekers have submitted an application from an unlikely location, including the bath, during a wedding reception and even while waiting for another job interview to start, according Johnston Press’ job site, Jobstoday.

The multimedia company’s study of 2,145 people reveals that many are taking advantage of greater flexibility to widen their prospects when job hunting. Six percent of respondents revealed that they have completed a job application from the toilet and five percent while travelling by train, bus or plane.

Joe Slavin, managing director of Recruitment Advertising, Johnston Press, said:

“Our research highlights a much more mobile and versatile job searching demographic. It’s clear that people are enjoying the freedom afforded by unparalleled levels of connectivity.”

This research highlights a wider trend for greater flexibility in the way that people find and secure new roles; largely down to the popularity of connected devices that are revolutionising the job market.

Over half (54%) of people surveyed had applied for another job while at work, with 20 percent admitting to asking a colleague for help on securing a job elsewhere.

This development in the way people search for jobs will likely impact recruiters and the way they manage applications and interviews, as they are required to find more innovative ways to meet the expectations and time constraints of job seekers.

Other unconventional locations people applied for jobs included restaurants, cinemas and at house parties.