• More than seven in ten expect full job application process to take maximum of four weeks
  • 94% tell others about their job seeking experiences

Fewer HR specialists expect a job offer after two interviews than individuals in other professions, according to the latest Insight Series Whitepaper from recruitment specialists Robert Walters.

Overall, 61% of HR professionals expect employers to be able to make a hiring decision after two job interviews or fewer, compared to 76% of accountants, 74% of IT specialists, 67% of lawyers and 56% of marketers.

But, despite this finding, HR specialists are also keen to receive quick feedback. Overall, 82% expect a response to an initial job application within six days (compared to 85% of accountants, 82% of IT professionals, 76% of marketers and 70% of lawyers) and 91% expect feedback within four days of a job interview (compared to 89% of accountants, 86% of IT professionals, 86% of marketers and 78% of lawyers).

In total, 72% of HR professionals also expect an entire job application process to take a maximum of four weeks – 70% of hiring managers claim it actually takes longer than this. This is a significant contrast as 70% of HR professionals also say a lengthy recruitment process puts them off the job in question.

These findings are particularly significant because the whitepaper also reveals that 94% of HR professionals discuss their job seeking experiences with specific employers with other people.

Vicky Salt, Manager of HR Recruitment at Robert Walters, comments:
“It’s interesting that, relatively speaking, HR professionals are among the most open to attending more than two interviews – this perhaps reflects a greater understanding of the importance firms are currently attaching to making the right hiring decisions. At the same time, however, they expect employers to make quick decisions throughout the process and feedback swiftly at all points.

“Overall, our research clearly demonstrates how poor job seeker experiences can lead to a poor reputation in the market and ultimately impact an employer’s brand. In many cases, job seekers will be applying for multiple vacancies and receiving a number of offers so are likely to withdraw from the process if they become disengaged.

“However, businesses can take certain steps to ensure their hiring procedures