Graduates should do background research into prospective employers, an expert saysNew graduates preparing to make an entry into the highly competitive UK jobs market should boost their chances of success by contacting human resource departments for background information, an expert has suggested.

Graduate Prospects business manager Chris Rea claimed that good knowledge of a prospective employer is essential for anyone looking to distinguish themselves from the crowd of newcomers looking to secure work this summer.

“The tenacious graduate will go a step further and contact the HR department for background information,” he explained. “Advisers and experts always say that preparation is key to a successful application.”

Mr Rea advised applicants to prepare a series of questions relating to the company to ask when the interview draws towards its conclusion, but warned against approaching the meeting as an “interrogation”.

Earlier this month, a report from Unison revealed that careers advice for British youngsters is being cut back as part of reductions in government spending.

Posted by Ross George