Students will be able to see predictions of how much they will earn after completing a course at a particular university, if a new government scheme comes to fruition. The information will be shared by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Independent reports, enabling learners to compare the potential reward of different courses at differing universities and colleges. It will also be possible to contrast this data with the average earnings of apprentices and school leavers.

This will be made possible by revealing information on the salaries of everyone who pays UK taxes. People will then be able to cross reference this with the records of former students, what they studied and where.

Reports said that ministers are also talking to universities about releasing more data to allow accurate comparisons on prospects.

Matthew Hancock, Cabinet Office minister, is believed to have been inspired after learning about a similar scheme in the US . The American College Scorecard allows students access to information on graduation rates and salaries.