As BMW announced an additional £500 million investment in its UK production network over the next three years, some of Europe’s biggest car manufacturers went to Downing Street to discuss the advanced manufacturing industry and the Government’s commitment to its success.

The meeting follows the recent announcement from Nissan that workers in Britain will design, engineer and build the next version of the top selling Nissan automobiles
This £192 million investment will help safeguard 6,000 jobs, both direct and indirect through the UK supply chain.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:
“I’m delighted that so many automobile manufacturers are actually bringing production and supply chain back to the UK.

“We want to do everything we can to encourage that by reducing our rates of corporate tax and setting up the Regional Growth Fund, which is assisting a number of automotive companies.

“We are putting money into advanced manufacturing technology and innovation centres and expanding the number of apprenticeships.

“We really want to see the automotive industry flourish and we are determined to do the things to help it succeed.”
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