Students receiving their GCSE results today need support to explore the options open to them and to equip themselves with the skills and abilities that employers now demand.
In the current economic climate, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the representative body for the UK’s private recruitment industry, says the main priority for students either going into further education or looking for their first job is to be realistic with their expectations.

Commenting on the current challenges facing young people, Kevin Green, the REC’s Chief Executive said: “Never before has proper guidance and support been so crucial in helping young people identify where the jobs of tomorrow are going to be, so that they can start planning their future education and training in areas where there are recognised skills shortages or in evolving markets.

“Our feedback from members, all professional recruiters, is that students should seek any work-related activities including volunteering or charity work which will show future employers that they have committed themselves to gaining the knowledge and experience needed to enter the world of work.”

Green added: “It is tough for all young people wanting to get their first step on the career ladder. We recommend that every possible avenue within the world of work is explored by young people such as apprenticeships, internships or work experience.

“However, this can only be achieved through the recruitment industry, the business community and education providers working with the Government to bring these programmes and schemes into fruition. Our Youth Employment Taskforce has already addressed this through a raft of recommendations to prevent a ‘lost generation’ of young people.”