Expert warns against 'generalisation' of youngstersEmployers have been urged not to assume that a significant proportion of young people leaving school and college lack the necessary skills to make a contribution to the jobs market.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of non-profit group Work Wise UK, suggested that some companies are growing increasingly demanding and the long-term unemployed, youngsters and ex-convicts face particular obstacles to finding work.

“You can’t generalise,” he explained. “There are young people out there who are leaving school with inadequate skills, but I don’t think they are the majority of young people.”

Mr Flaxton added that the looming cuts to public expenditure are likely to result in fewer students going to university, potentially forcing schools and sixth forms to shift their focus away from higher education and more to boosting employment prospects.

Bosses keen to attract top talent and help younger workers exploit their full potential should consider attending the Graduate Recruitment and Development Forum 2011 at London’s Canary Wharf on February 1st.

Posted by Ross George