Brendan Barber has claimed spending cuts will not stimulate private sector jobsThe TUC has warned that it will take nearly a decade-and-a-half for Britain's employment market to return to pre-recession levels if private sector job creation continues at its recent pace.

A new study from the organisation claimed it could take even longer for the hardest-hit regions to get back on an even keel, with areas such as Yorkshire and the north-west likely to be worst affected.

"We may now be out of recession, but this has yet to work through to any significant job creation," said TUC general secretary Brendan Barber. "Spending cuts will cause further private sector job losses."

The research also found that the UK's mining and quarrying industry has shed 15 per cent of its workforce since the start of the downturn in 2008, while manufacturing jobs fell by 12 per cent and construction positions dropped by 11 per cent.

Managers looking for advice on how to maintain morale among staff in the face of the financial downturn may wish to participate in the Talent Management and Development Summit 2010 next month.

Posted by Hayley Edwards