Employer support 'can aid home worker productivity'Home working may not be for everyone’s tastes, but employer support can help boost productivity, according to a recruitment expert.

Steve Huxham, chairman of the Recruitment Society, indicated that having an understanding boss and supportive social environment can allow telecommuters to flourish without any extra stress.

He referred to a study conducted by Brigham Young University which revealed that people who carry out their duties from home enjoy a better balance of work and family life than employees located in an office.

While he was not surprised by the results of the survey, he did sound a note of caution about the potential of this kind of flexible working.

“I don’t think people should be complacent … I think that it is something you can just get people to go and do without any training, development and support for it,” Mr Huxham added.

Furthermore, he stressed that telecommuters represented just one of an array of options available in changing employment strategies to offer greater adaptability.

By Hayley Edwards