Cyber crime ‘iPlods’ wanted part time at GCHQ

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Ministers are engaged in talks that could see British intelligence agency GCHQ recruit part time cyber crime experts, it has been reported.

The possibility comes after warnings from the agency’s director Iain Lobban that GCHQ had been struggling to hold on to the “internet whizzes” needed for cyber operations, people who were being drawn away to higher salaries in the private sector.

According to The Daily Telegraph the idea of part time “iPlods”, who would work at the agency for one or two days per week, was described as “purely speculative” by a GCHQ spokesman.

The agency was nevertheless “constantly examining new ways to harness and attract the talents of the cyber security specialists we need”.

Lobban also recently said he was looking for “unique” people, like former Second World War code breaker Alan Turing, to give the agency the skills base it needed.

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  1. These part time cyber crime experts will probably come from the employment agency Cyber Inteligence Agency after all they have got the DVLA contract. All our UK photo id driving licences and contact details can be bought by companies in the USA, give them a week and every thing in GCHQ will go the same way.

  2. Strange- as a senior manager in the civil service, there is a dearth of opportunities for me to apply for. I have good HR qualifications and project management experience. Yet I am keen to move to a new job to learn new skills having been in my current one for nearly six years, and finding it hard to find any jobs to go for. Where do these stories come from, I wonder?

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