Are graduate recruiters exploiting unpaid interns?Graduates taking on unpaid internships have become the norm in some industries, according to an employment strategies expert.

Dan Hawes, co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, suggested that there comes a point when university leavers in such arrangements could be seen as being exploited.

“There are laws against not paying people who work for you, who shouldn’t do it for nothing,” he said.

Furthermore, the expert argued that this form of work might be perceived as unfair, because those candidates who take up unpaid placements are often in a position where money is not a problem, whereas other jobseekers can not afford to take up such a position, therefore ruling out a lot of people.

This follows an interview given to the BBC by Kayte Lawton of the Institute for Public Policy Research who indicated that too many professions in the UK were relying on graduates who work for no pay.

By Hayley Edwards