A fifth of UK workers are in unsustainable, unconventional jobs as the effects of the recession continue to impact the UK labour market according to the latest survey from workforce solutions leader, Kelly Services®.

The latest findings from the Kelly Global Workforce Index indicate the emergence of Generation U, a new breed of workers who face an unsustainable combination of long and/or unusual hours, multiple jobs, living away from home and excessive travel as a normal part of their lives.

Generation U are the result of the widespread ‘more for less’ business mantra formed out of the recession as business across the UK aim to drive efficiency upwards while lowering their costs.

With Generation U, industry sectors such as retail and hospitality feature more heavily with nearly 40% of workers fitting the profile. What is equally concerning is that Generation U is also above average in high skill sectors such as engineering and IT (22%) creating long term talent issue for the UK job market.

Kelly Services UK Country General Manager, Andrew Cook says: “Across many industries, there are a host of people who are now prepared to work in an unconventional way, moving within their own country, or moving abroad in the pursuit of work, but some of this is unsustainable

“Working in an unconventional way can play a key role in career advancement but you don’t have to fit the Generation U profile to profit from the diverse global demand for talent. We can help candidates who are willing to travel and be flexible to attain the personal rewards and career opportunities they want in a sustainable way”