outdated technology in the office

The workplace has never been so highly reliant on technology for the day to day running of businesses, yet 85 per cent of the UK employees report that out of date equipment and tech are hindering their job roles.

New research has found that 41 per cent of employees are struggling to carry out their job role on a weekly basis because of poor technology*. In fact, for 33 per cent of workers surveyed, it’s been found that over half of their office equipment is completely non-functional and faulty. Seventy-two per cent of these employees revealed that their workplace is guilty of owning at least some broken equipment, whilst 80 per cent also admitted that their company owns at least one from of obsolete technology.

When questioned further about their reaction to this, 92 per cent of employees stated that upgraded workplace equipment would drastically benefit their company as a whole.

The top five benefits named were: increased quality of service/products (38 per cent); faster delivery of products/services (37 per cent); enhanced communication with customers/clients (34 per cent); enhanced communication within the business (30 per cent); enhanced reputation for innovation (30 per cent)

Of the 250 office workers in purchasing who were surveyed, 41 per cent admitted to struggling to keep their business up to date with the latest technology innovations, and a further third (30 per cent) notes that a lack of funding was their primary issue.

However the research shows that it’s not just individual workers, but businesses as a whole who are being negatively impacted by outdated forms of technology. Half of those surveyed (49 per cent) stated that a lack of funds dedicated to business equipment has prevented their entire business from scaling up and developing.

Mark Picken, Shire Leasing’s CEO, says,

SMEs often overlook the alternative finance options that are available. Through leasing, businesses can affordably pay for equipment as they use it, and in some cases, the single direct debit payment can also include the maintenance and service offered by the supplier. Simple return or upgrade options also minimises businesses having to store obsolete equipment over the oncoming years, and fixing the interest payable in these times of rising interest rates is good plain business sense.


*Research conducted by Shire Leasing

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