People who work remotely but don’t want to be at home can find a temporary workspace with a new app. 

Reef is not the first of its kind; Coworking Nomads, Workbar and Deskhop are just some of its competitors.

But Reef App says its users will usually get discounts on food and drinks at available workspaces, which are usually cafes, restaurants or hotels. 

More than 400 business users have pre-registered, with over 150 venues, including remote areas such as the south west.

According to the British Chambers of Commerce, there are almost 18.5 million employees who need a space to work. This is due to either being fully remote or a hybrid worker.

Reef conducted its own study, which  shows people prefer to work from a space that isn’t home, to protect their work/life balance.

Meanwhile, younger workers don’t have a space at home and are forced to work from their bedrooms

However, since these spaces can be expensive – between £150 – £1,500 a month – using workspace linking apps like Reef help employees get the work-life balance they crave.

Almost half of employees told Reef their working environment has a serious impact on their mental health (44 per cent). One in four (26 per cent) said their productivity varies greatly depending on their surroundings. They wanted to have the opportunity to work in different environments to help this.

Working somewhere that wasn’t home also helped 44 percent of employees who said they suffered with mental health issues; they said there was a positive impact being able to have face-to-face meetings with colleagues, suppliers or clients.