New online resources to help employers and learners explore important changes to vocational qualifications and shape the content of future vocational qualifications were launched this week.  

Business Link’s website now gives employers access to all they need to know about vocational qualifications and influence the changes as they take place.   

For learners, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website has a new online resource that provides the information and links needed to find out more about the changes.    

Colleges and others interested in vocational qualifications are also able to access information on changes through both web pages.   

Skills and Further Education Minister Kevin Brennan said:   

“That is why we are simplifying and modernising the system of vocational qualifications and I believe these changes will be invaluable to businesses and learners alike.   

“For anyone who wants to get the skills they need into their business or take up training opportunities themselves, the websites launched today give them a great opportunity to find out more.”   

Caroline Fawcett, Director of Marketing and Customer Insight at said:   

“The Business Link website is an essential resource for all businesses, both large and small, and this new content will help managers better understand what qualifications are suitable for their staff to help them progress.    

“We believe this will be particularly welcomed by HR departments.”   

The government is overhauling vocational qualifications to create a clearer, more flexible system and help employers understand how to get the skills they need into their businesses.   

Radical reforms will see qualifications across every industry improved so they are easier to understand and access.   

Qualifications will be clearly labelled so that employers and learners can see at a glance what a qualification will cover, how long it will take and what level it is.   

These changes will ensure that every industry in the UK has access to relevant qualifications, playing a key part in the government’s plans to build a better skilled workforce.   

It includes links to help employers develop new courses and link up with other businesses in the sector to create business-focussed training programmes.   


  1. New information is available on Business Link at
  2. For updates on the government’s vocational qualification reform programme, see 
  3. In Skills for Growth, published in November last year, the government committed to radically simplifying the way in which skills policy is delivered. For more information, see