Training could help businessesAccess to training is as beneficial to businesses and organisations in the UK as it is important to individuals, one sector commentator has claimed.

Lisette Howlett, spokesperson for, made her comments as new government measures have come into effect that allow employees the right to request time for study or training.

Workers will now be able to ask their employer for time off in which to study or train if it is relevant to their current job and will help to improve their performance or productivity.

Furthermore, the managers will only be able to turn down the request if there is an adequate business reason for doing so.

Ms Howlett said: “Given there is no right to be paid for training time or for the training course the impact on business is less in the area of direct costs and more in terms of needing to be flexible and make individual accommodation for time off.”

She added that the upside for the employer is that they will have a more highly-trained and motivated member of staff.

Posted by Colette Paxton