Despite recent claims there are 69 graduates for every one job, a top consultancy firm
claims to have spent the last 3 months struggling to fill various graduate trainee roles.

With only 10 percent of the roles filled, Gary Ashworth, Executive chairman of InterQuest Group seems to believe that the failure to fill these positions is largely due to the consistently poor calibre and lack of skills displayed by graduates that are leaving university.”

Gary Ashworth said:
“The awkward gulf between a graduate’s theoretical knowledge and the practical experience required to survive in today’s working environment is increasing and the majority are leaving university with few ‘real life’ skills.

“Further education is designed to help graduates; however from recent experience it appears to be proving a hindrance and as tuition fees rise in some cases to £9,000 a year, it’s worth asking “is it really worth attending at all?”

After interviewing hundreds of graduates, the general consensus from InterQuest Group PLC is that students are proving to be unmotivated, unenthusiastic and unprepared for the work place.

Many candidates interviewed have failed to respond to questions in a mature and professional manner. One candidate once told an interviewer the reason why he had to leave his previous role was because he had beaten up his manager whom he hated, and another candidate received a text from their girlfriend during the interview, and then asked the interviewer if he minded if he sent a reply

Gary Ashworth continues: “It is not just the fault of the graduates; the needs of a business are a stark contrast from the teachings of a university professor. How do we expect our younger generations to learn how to survive the real world when they receive no useful practical experience during their university career?

“Those in further education must ensure they gain work experience. Across Britain we have a diverse selection of exciting industries; graduates need to be ‘baked and groomed’ to assimilate into the society they will end up in.

“In addition, learning interview skills from mastering a handshake, maintaining eye contact to asking sensible questions and building rapport are essential! Many graduates have absolutely no idea how to write a basic CV or arrive on time.

“Many graduates do not bother to find out what a company does and do not come prepared with questions to ask. They don’t have to necessarily wear a tie but don’t young people clean their shoes or shave any more?”