While the summer months may see a slowdown in organisations’ hiring efforts, new data from CV-Library has found that more job hunters are looking for work right now, with CV registrations increasing by 7.5 per cent last month.

In fact, the data, which looked at statistics from CV-Library’s site in July 2018 and compared this with July 2017, found that key UK cities witnessed above average growth in candidate interest last month. In fact, these are the top locations to find candidates in right now:

  1. Brighton – 14.7 per cent
  2. Bristol – 14.1 per cent
  3. London – 13.9 per cent
  4. Manchester – 10.5 per cent
  5. Aberdeen – 9.7 per cent
  6. Portsmouth – 8.1 per cent
  7. Nottingham – 7.5 per cent
  8. Edinburgh – 6.7 per cent
  9. Leeds – 5.9 per cent
  10. Liverpool – 3.6 per cent


Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments:

“While the summer months tend to see a slowdown in recruitment, our data shows that more people are interested in looking for work right now and this is widespread across the UK. If you’re looking to grow your workforce, now could be a great time to start advertising your jobs.”

What’s more, advertised jobs rose by 13.7 per cent, with the largest hikes in vacancies being seen in Liverpool (+31.2 per cent), Edinburgh (+21.5 per cent), Bristol (+17.8 per cent), Sheffield (17.1 per cent) and London (+16.2 per cent).

Average pay also rose by 1.7 per cent across the UK last month, with even bigger jumps in salaries witnessed in: Liverpool (+6.7 per cent), Southampton (+5.8 per cent), Birmingham (+5.2 per cent), Manchester (+4.9 per cent) , Cardiff (4.6 per cent), Brighton (+4 per cent) and Portsmouth (+3.6 per cent).

Biggins continues:

“Many candidates associate a new job with a pay rise, so be ready for some negotiation. If you’re not sure where your pay measures up against these findings, it’s worth looking at average salaries in your industry to ensure that you’re paying what you should be.”

Check out CV-Library’s brand new salary guide for more insights on average pay.