Recruiters positive about impact of Kiwi workers in UKBritain is benefiting from "highly skilled" and experienced workers coming from New Zealand, according to one expert.

Anna Groot, regional manager for the Kiwi Expat Association (Kea) in the UK and Ireland, suggested that people are still coming over to these shores to work despite worries over job security in the recession and previous confusion over visa requirements.

Previously, the British government had altered its criteria for foreign candidates seeking employment, which meant needing a Masters qualification to be able to take up a vacancy.

However, with a change of rules, "highly skilled" workers are coming over and bring with them work experience from back home.

Furthermore, the response from UK employers has been very positive, with bosses praising the work ethic of Kiwi staff and their willingness to pitch in, knuckle down and "just taking on board whatever needs to get done".

Kea was set up in 2001 and aims to build a global network for New Zealand and to boost its economy through international trade and investment.

By Cameron Thomson