Training and technology upgrades are essential for a more efficient workforce.

Technocrats dominate the UK workforce, but poor training, inefficient working practices and old equipment mean many are still not making the most of the technology available to them, according to specialist IT recruiter Modis.

In a poll of 1000 office workers, 94% claimed they felt confident in using technology at work, but it has become apparent that they may be missing out on many of the time-saving features their software and hardware have. This fact has been acknowledged, with 37% noting they do not receive regular and appropriate training to help them use available technology and 42% said training would help them do their job more effectively.

While many employees are relying on self-taught or outdated IT skills to perform basic functions, the data suggests that insufficient training is leaving many unable to use software to its full potential which could help them work with increased efficiency.

Training alone may not be enough. At a time when budgets remain tight, 32% of the employees surveyed stated that they require access to better technology to do their job more effectively.

Sid Barnes, Managing Director Modis said, “IT skills are often taken as a given amongst many employers so it is very encouraging to see the UK workforce so confident in their own IT abilities. Most office employees now have a working knowledge of common programmes such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel. However most are not adequately equipped to utilising the increased functionality of these programmes. Employers could potentially be missing out on massive efficiency savings.

“An effective training programme, focusing on supplementing existing knowledge could lead to a more motivated, efficient and flexible workforce. The average worker could shave precious minutes of wasted time from their day, simply by using the full functionality of common technology. If budgets allow, the introduction of new equipment could also help employees recover lost time taken up by employees waiting for machines to load or grappling with outdated software. Strong IT skills are an asset right across today’s workforce and should not be limited to IT helpdesks and departments.”

Around the UK
Workers in Yorkshire have the most faith in their personal IT abilities, with 97% stating they are confident about using office technology. This contrasts with 90% in the East Midlands. Office employees in the South East are most concerned about their levels of understanding, with 43% stating that they don’t receive adequate training. Londoners claim to be the best-trained in the country, with just 30% stating they require additional sessions.