Graduates are turning to the hospitality, tourism and sport industry for work as Graduate Prospects reports booming interest in the sector.

Student and graduates viewing hospitality, tourism and sport jobs and careers information on has increased 180% year-on-year – the most popular sector in January 2011*.

Mike Hill, chief executive at Graduate Prospects said: “The experts at university careers services have been advising students and recent graduates to widen their net for some years, and now that advice is being acted upon.

“Graduates recognise that the service industry is one sector that is faring well in the present climate and are therefore considering it as an area where there may be more vacancies and opportunities.

“People graduating with highly vocational degrees in markets that are not quite so buoyant will be particularly focused on exploring alternatives – looking for jobs that don’t require specific qualifications. The hospitality, tourism and sport industry is a good example, offering many roles that are open to a wide range of graduates despite their qualifications.”

Marketing, advertising and PR was the second highest growth sector, with the number of students and graduates viewing the area on increasing 126% year-on-year. It was followed closely by health and social care, and environment and conservation — 125% year-on-year increase and 124% year-on-year increase respectively.

“There are a lot of smart graduates out there and they’re making some very smart choices. By keeping their options open some of the brightest talent in our universities will be available to these sectors, and it is up to their HR teams to take advantage of this talent pipeline to help drive their industries forward.”