Young people are to be helped into workThe government has unveiled its new plans which it hopes will get young people back into work following the economy’s emergence from the recession.

Any person between the ages of 18 and 24 who has been looking for work for six months will get a job offer, work experience or training under the Care First Careers initiative.

This will be achieved through pre-employment training packages and employers being awarded £1,000 for taking on a young person experiencing difficulty finding work.

Under the scheme, £75 million will be made available to fund up to 50,000 jobs.

Commenting on the news, Becci Newton of the Institute For Employment Studies, said offering young people work experience in order to allow them to develop their skills would also see them able to engage with the community around them.

“Employers gain someone on a work trial in essence – try before you buy opportunity […] often employers are pretty altruistic in their attitudes and are keen to assist young people to move forward,” she added.

Ms Newton noted the scheme was likely to prove useful but that it could benefit further from being expanded, providing additional support to the employer.