With marketing agencies and in-house teams cutting back on hiring and training graduates when the economic difficulties began in 2008, Firebrand Talent Search fears that future employers will be faced with an under skilled marketing workforce.

The recruiter warns that unless companies continue to invest in recruiting and training new talent, in future there will be a significant lack of professionals in the industry to take on the top marketing positions.

“The employment market in marketing and creative is really growing in strength and there are some great opportunities on the table” explains Odette Beattie, Manager of the marketing division at Firebrand Talent Search. “However the missing pipeline of talent is evident; made worse by the fact that many marketers are still wary of the jobs market and reluctant to move roles.

Employers are currently being a lot more thorough in their hiring decisions, however the highest calibre people are snapped up quickly.” Marc Ansell, Director for Europe agrees; “Organisations need to continue investing in marketers, otherwise in the future there will be even more companies racing to grab even fewer candidates for the top jobs.”

Marketers with experience of working with big brands or FTSE companies are in particular demand from employers. Although there has been a growth in digital and online marketing, the demand has not been as high as expected and traditional marketing skills and experience are still very much sought after.