The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Hay Group Insight have called on employers to review their engagement strategies in order to drive performance and business growth.

They say:

“There is now compelling evidence that organisations with high employee engagement have greater organisational productivity and performance. With countless studies illustrating the competitive-edge to be achieved through an engaged workforce, the engagement debate is shifting from why it matters to what can be done about it.”

‘The CIPD Employee Engagement Conference and Workshop’ hosted in partnership with Hay Group Insight takes place 29-30 January 2013, and will explore the key pillars of sustainable engagement and ways in which leaders need to adapt to drive their engagement agenda forward in a changing business environment.

They add that the conference will also explore the latest engagement research and techniques progressive companies are using to measure, build and sustain engagement.

Ben Hubbard, Director Europe, Hay Group Insight, who will be chairing the Conference, said:

“Our research confirms that high performing companies are using their engagement and enablement strategies to gain a competitive edge over their peers. The result today is an employee engagement gap of over ten points between top and average performing companies.

“For the winners this creates a virtuous cycle of performance as they secure and retain the best talent – for the losers a major risk to their sustained performance.

“With engagement and enablement levels in the UK now lagging many of our major economic competitors now is the time for leaders to place employee engagement at the top of the agenda.”